Debit Card Activation & PINs

How to Activate Debit Cards & Set or Change PINs

We offer a toll-free 24/7 Card Self-Service Voice Response Unit for all cardholders. This safe, secure and PCI-compliant service will allow cardholders to call a toll-free number to active new, reissued or replacement cards as well as set or change their personal identification numbers (PINs).

How it works: The Card Self-Service Voice Response Unit is available 24/7 from any phone, giving cardholders the flexibility to activate their cards, or make PIN changes at their convenience. When a cardholder calls the toll-free number they will be asked to provide specific information that will verify their debit card and their identity match to the Voice Response Unit. Once verified a series of quick prompts will guide them through the system. Once a call is successfully completed, cardholders can immediately use their cards with any and all changes made!

24/7 Card Self-Service Voice Response Unit Number: 1-(800)-992-3808

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