Lost or Stolen ATM Card?

LOST or STOLEN Pioneer Federal ATM/ Debit Card
24- Hour HOTCARD NUMBER: 800-472-3272, or  973-682-2652
Call the above numbers after hours, if your card is lost or stolen.

During business hours, call
Dillon Office
: 1-800-452-6904 or 406-683-5191
Deer Lodge Office: 406-846-2202

ATM Card Usage Restricted
If you are a holder of an ATM/Debit Checkcard tied to your checking account with Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan, I want to use this means to inform you of a change taking place effective September 10, 2008. Beginning Wednesday, September 10, 2008, your Checkcard will not be usable in any foreign country including Canada and Mexico unless you make specific prior arrangements with us. This change is being made to offset the rapid increase in the fraudulent usage of debit cards – much of which originates in foreign countries whether you set foot in the foreign country or not. This restriction on foreign country usage minimizes your exposure to fraud as well as that of Pioneer Federal.

Should you ever be in the situation where you will be traveling to a foreign country, simply contact our local office and we will gladly activate your Checkcard for foreign usage during your trip or stay.

Pioneer Federal ATM

MORNING, NOON OR NIGHT *** Our ATM is at your service!
Located at 32 North Washington, Dillon, MT. and 401 Milwaukee Ave. Deer Lodge MT.

It can be hard to predict when you’re going to run out of cash. But one thing is sure – it almost always happens at a bad time. With a Pioneer Federal ATM Card quick and easy cash is available when you need it most. Whether you’re on your way to work, lunch, or the movies, we make banking convenient for you. We’re thinking of your needs Morning , Noon , and Night ! Come in and try our new 24hr-ATM located in the foyer of the Dillon or Deer Lodge office.

Pioneer Federal Check Card

Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan offers the Pioneer Federal Check Card. A VISA product, the Check Card , allows customers to access their Pioneer Federal checking account through ATMs and/or Debit Card usage. The Check Card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted and at any ATM nationwide.

Ask our staff about how you can get a Pioneer Federal Check Card today!

If you do not now possess a Pioneer Federal Checkcard, I would encourage you to consider obtaining one. This Visa ATM/Debit card allows you access to your funds at ATM’s nationwide as well as gives you the convenience of using a Debit card rather than writing those routine every day checks. Applications and further information are available from our tellers.