Celebrating Over 100 years of Serving Our Communities!

Many things have changed over the years that Pioneer Federal has been there for the community.


  • 9 Board of Directors:
    • Joseph Whitworth, Peter Pauley, William Cummins, F.J. Shanley, Frank McAvoy, S.P. Wilson, George M. Crabb, I.S. Eldred, W.S. Greely
  • 5 men were on the committee to prepare rules, regulations, and by-laws for the Powell Building and Loan Association
  • April 26, 1912 Officers were elected
    • TJ Hamilton-President
    • Peter Pauley-Vice President
    • Arthur Lochrie-Secretary/Treasurer
    • T.F. Shea-Attorney
  • 27th of April the Articles of Incorporation were filed and recorded at the County Clerk of Powell County and were authorized to do business for 20 years.


  • By-laws changed to state that before receiving a loan a borrower shall execute to the association a 1st mortgage on unencumbered real estate in Powell County. The buildings must be kept insured with some reasonable company and our association must be listed as the loss payee.
  • Appraisal committee consisted of 3 board members.


  • Mr. Arthur Lochrie- President
  • Joseph Whitworth- Vice President
  • G.O. Baxter-Secretary/Treasurer
  • Sec. Baxter was delegated to represent the association at the meeting of the League of Montana Building and Loan Association in Missoula.
  • Participated in a shareholder loan to help purchase Powell County High School.


  • After much work, 2 loans sent to the attorney with instructions to foreclose without further delay (1st foreclosure)


  • By-laws amended to comply with state law


  • Discussion on how the directors have adopted a very conservative policy in managing the affairs; this still continues today
  • Each stockholder was encouraged to get a new member for the association
  • Special meeting held in order to extend the corporate existence of the association to a continual succession
  • Largest loan of $13,000.00 approved for apartments


  • F.B. Durrie resigns
  • V.E. Lanstyak becomes the third President
  • Carl ZurMuehlen- Vice President
  • S.P. Swenson- Secretary/Treasurer
  • Directors go on record as establishing the date of filing withdrawals as of January 9, 1933
    • All withdrawals and loans go to directors for approval. Withdrawals cannot exceed $100.00 per month
  • President or Vice President and the Secretary are authorized to refinance all loans coming up for refinancing during the month
  • Due to financial condition, no dividend was paid for the year
  • V.E. Lanstyak resigns in December
    • Carl ZerMuehlen takes over presidency vacancy


  • Times are tough! Taxes delinquent, foreclosures, people walking from homes and loans
  • 19 properties owned by bank shall be sold to the highest bidders. Any property not sold the first time will be for sale in the following months
  • All stock can be taken out if the customer accepts a 10% discount


  • In January, the proposition of converting the association into a Federal Savings and Loan Association
  • 7 Board of Directors:
    • V.E. Lanstyak, Conlin, Carl ZurMuehlen, S.P. Wilson, E.J. Nichols, Ensign, Castleton
  • Decision to change from state corporation to a federal corporation on July 16 at the board meeting
    • Government insured
  • In September, Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) authorized the association to be converted to a Federal Savings and Loan
    • Name becomes Deer Lodge Federal Savings and Loan Association


  • Board of Directors must have no less than 5 members but no more than 15
  • Interest rates fixed at 6 ½%
  • $6.00 appraisal fee
  • $10.00 Recording fee
  • Stockholders more confident now that the association is a federal system
  • Loan request slowly growing
  • Real Estate loans increased from $10,728.57 to $43,848.58.


  • Located at 311 Missouri Ave., Deer Lodge
  • Advertising by theater screen with vocal speech
  • Letter from FHLB states that a new location is needed as well as new management in order to succeed
  • Sec. Castleton resigns


  • K.W. Haviland is appointed as Secretary
  • Association moved location to the office of Mr. K.W. Haviland
  • Carl ZurMuehlen- President
  • E.J. Nichols- VP
    • (Directors: Carl ZurMuehlen, S.P. Wilson, Frank Trask, H.C. Heinsich, E.J. Nichols, K.W. Haviland)
  • Secretary is authorized to sign checks without a countersignature of another officer
  • Received about $14,000.00 of new shares since January


  • A customer; a US Army soldier, asks for relief of payments during duration of the war. Board granted request.
  • Received a telegram from the Administration of War Bond sales for Montana congratulating the association on their record as first in the state on percentage of sales of total assets.


  • Reduced number of Board of Directors from 6 to 5
    • (Frank Trask, Carl ZurMuehler, H.C. Heinsich, S.P. Wilson, K.W. Haviland)
  • Regular dividend of 1 ¼% paid in December plus ½% special dividend


  • First FHA Title #1 Loan


  • Officers are instructed to accept title insurance policies of the Title Insurance Company instead of abstracts of title in any loan made by the association


  • H.C. Heinsch-President
  • Frank Trask- VP
  • J.G. Haviland-Sec.
  • R.N. Wyckoff-Asst Sec.
  • Long time director and secretary K.W. (Kelsey W.) Haviland passes away


  • Increase number of Board of Directors from 5 to 7
    • (A.E. Fenion, Martin Olsen, Frank Trask, Aspling, H.C. Heinsch, S.P. Wilson, J.G. Haviland)


  • Purchased a fire proof legal file and a new counter which includes 2 teller windows
  • Three inspection reports should be made on construction loans – still applicable to Pioneer today
  • Use of a passbook goes in to effect


  • There are now 5 clerks working at the bank using one cash drawer
  • Minimum of 15% down on FHA loans


  • 7 Board of Directors:
      • Howard McQuin, Frank Trask, Martin Olsen, J.G. Haviland, H.C. Heinsich, A.E. Fenion, Ace Irvine
    • Ace Irvine becomes active managing officer of the association.


  • H.C. Heinsch resigns as president due to health issues after 25 years of service
  • Robert N. Wyckoff to serve until next annual meeting
  • Howard McGuin resigns as director, Loy Mizner elected
  • Built shelter at golf course for advertising purposes


  • Contribution of $25.00 toward the Merchants Summer promotion program
  • Savings withdrawals less than $50 now done in cash. Withdraw slips showing account number, date, amount, and signature must be filled out. Passbook MUST be present
  • Adopted a loan delinquency policy


  • Reached the $4,000,000.00 in assets mark
  • Rate 6½%-7% depending on determination of loan committee
  • Application fee of $25.00
  • No charge for appraisals
  • Escrow services and originating fee is $15.00
  • Slow loans make up only 3.5% of total assets
  • Donation made to Powell County Memorial Hospital


  • GI loans up to 90% for qualified borrowers
  • 4½% on passbooks
  • 5% on certificates


  • Savings become “deposits” instead of “shares”


  • Mobile home loans on case by case basis; no specific rules established
  • $80,000.00 loan approved
  • July 1970- the site on Milwaukee was chosen for the new site of Deer Lodge Federal Savings and Loan


  • Open for business in the new office on August 2, 1971. Hours from 9-5:30.
  • Grand opening held Oct. 15, 1971; pens, orchids for the ladies, pencils, and balloons for children were given away


  • Dennis Phillips-Management Trainee resigns; James E. Thompson employed as a replacement and given the title of Loan Officer
  • First year of Christmas decorating party
  • Phyllis Welch works for Deer Lodge Federal Savings and Loan


  • Association purchases first Burroughs L500 mini-computer system for $26,000.00


  • Discussion of Dillon Branch takes place in February
  • Savings and Loans become eligible as depositories for Public funds and trust indentures. Legal for tracts up to 15 acres
  • Director R.N. Wyckoff resigns; Tom Beck fills vacated spot
  • Begin offering Money Orders
  • No slow loans as of December 1974


  • IRA accounts available; 5 opened between May and August
  • Purchase of 2 Burroughs Sensematic machines and a new printing calculator
  • August 1975- Tom Welch hired as a management trainee
  • Preliminary application approved for Dillon Branch


  • As of April 1, 1976 the name Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan will be used
    • Other ideas were Valley, Southwest, and Mountain
  • Federal Home Loan Bank approves 102 N. Washington, Dillon for alternate site
  • Pioneer building shipped June 5th and should be completed within 90 days
  • Dillon branch opened for business on October 11, 1976
    • Grand Opening November 5th and 6th
  • Manager is Tom Welch


  • Theodore Hazelbaker appointed director of association from Dillon
  • Many loans made in Dillon and one in Twin Bridges

Ted Hazelbaker

Ted Hazelbaker-First Dillon Director 1977

Lost/Stolen ATM Card

During normal business hours call 1-800-452-6904.

After business hours call 1-800-472-3272.

FDIC Deposit Insurance

Each depositor insured to at least $250,000.